Regular Carpet Cleaning – Green and energy effective Technology?!

How to keep the home and the office carpet spotless and smelling well? We know that it is an important part of the indoor environment and influences on our comfort, well-being and health, especially. But there is something more.

Recently I have understood pieces of evidence which are very curious for me and sound not only interesting but also really impossible. According to the experts and the experiments they have made, the carpet is like an air filter in the dwellings. Carpeting improves the indoor air quality and has the ability to absorb the airborne dust and allergens, even the particles and pollen, coming from outside. So the regular carpet cleaning has a bigger impact on our lives than we have expected before this revolutionary theory.

Another interesting fact for the carpet maintaining… I know from experience it’s quite time consuming and challenging to try and clean your own carpet. But hey, youtube to the rescue. You can go to the website and find almost anything – advice, how, what not to, etc. etc. It’s quite overwhelming to be honest. For those of you who think they can do a great job washing your carpets and rugs, here is a short video that can give you some ideas.

For everybody else I think a professional carpet technician is the safest bet. Not only they will clean, rinse and dry your carpet but they will do it in the safest possible way. Eliminating risks in life, simple solutions = happiness. What more can one ask for 🙂

Innovative Carpet Cleaning Technology